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Gates food-grade belting to save maintenance time, sanitation costs

PEM Staff
September 27, 2010
By PEM Staff
The Power Transmission unit of Gates Corp. now offers Gates Mectrol food-grade belting to save maintenance time and sanitation expenses in wash down environments. Companies processing meat, poultry, cheese or any raw food benefit from the highly cleanable belts. A drop-in replacement for one and two-inch plastic modular belting, Gates Mectrol PosiClean belting offers full synchronization and a smooth design that requires less water and labor during cleaning and sanitation. FlatClean belting is the non-fraying flat belt replacement option, while CenterClean belting offers self-tracking. The belting can be pressure washed on the table in 50-percent less time and cut water usage by 45 percent. The food grade belts meet material requirements of the USDA and the FDA and have sealed Kevlar or aramid tension members that limit stretch. In addition, they offer fastening and installation flexibility with the options of a vulcanized weld, mechanical fasteners or the new PosiLace single-pin system, which allows for simple belt removal while limiting the chance of contamination. According to the company, one poultry processing plant replaced plastic modular conveyor belts with PosiClean belting to save $148,000 per year in labor, water usage, water heating and wastewater disposal costs. Find more information about Gates Mectrol food grade belting and a microbiological evaluation of the surface cleaning and disinfecting properties of Gates PosiClean belts at


0 #1 Moe 2012-06-21 11:08
If I have some hydraulic hose fittings , can attach these belting attachments right onto them? I have been looking into this for a while now and I was wondering if it could be done. That's great that they can save so much money doing this. That is what better machinery is invented for.

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